Initially based on Isaac Asimov's short story "The Last Question", this two minute experience was designed to be a flying simulator where you strategically conserved your energy while fighting other fighters similar to you for their energy stores. That concept starting feeling very colonial and brought on the mid-jam existential crisis! I started thinking about what I actually wanted to be doing Here at the end and this story is what I turned my submission into. I got to spend the early morning of Sunday recording the music in the background, I brought my computer and guitar outside on the patio, watched the sunrise, and played. I was very excited to finish, I was very pleased to watch others play. It doesn't meet the "game" definition because there isn't a way to lose, but maybe that's an unnecessary concept as well.


  • WASDQE to fly
  • Shift to increase speed
  • Control to reduce speed
  • F to fire
  • Escape to Restart
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AuthorBrian Foster

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