End of Saturday

Gosh what a long day! I've been here 12 hours, and I'm getting ready to go home. If I get a chance to, I'll finish up tomorrow. 

What have you learned today?

Well, I built a targeting system for the enemies, which worked great in the test scene and then not at all in the main scene. I was using raycastSphereAll or something like that to recast a sphere in front of my ship to get all enemies in front of me. I wrestled with getting the turrets to shoot in front of me instead of at me, but I found a cool script that worked well for getting them to smoothly lerp - the flying AI enemies use this as well. Unity 2020 has this great feature where it starts compiling in the background as soon as you hit "save" on any scripts, that's a bonus.

In the afternoon lull I was outside thinking about what I would actually be doing at the end of all things, and I really didn't want to be stealing resources from others. So I figured I would just make it a game about flying around, and then maybe a game about me developing a game. idk.