A downloadable game for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux

The game is Table Football. Hit the gnome into the endzone for 6 points with an optional 1 point field goal or a second touchdown for 2 points.

This game was built for the Leap Motion VR Game Jam by Quickdraw Studios in Wichita, KS. This game will eventually sit in a custom arcade cabinet themed to a brewery in town (hence the gnome).

2 players.

More information

Published1 year ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Mac OS X, Linux
Tagsbar, Casual, football, gnome, Leap Motion
Average durationA few minutes
InputsLeap Motion
Player count2
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer

Install instructions

Gnomeball requires a Leap Motion controller to run. The controller should be set facing up on the desk in front of you. Run the Gnomeball.exe file and you're ready to play!


Player 1 has 4 tries to swipe at the gnome and have him stop in the yellow end zone for a touchdown (6 points). The player may make a field goal (3 points) at any time, but this ends the players turn. If a touchdown is made an extra try is set for for either a field goal (1 point) or a second touchdown (2 points)

The reset button sets the player back to the starting position (the Spacebar also does this). Hold a finger in the Menu text box for 1 second to bring up the menu. Resume cancels the menu, Restart starts the game over, and Quit exits the game (Escape also does this).


Gnomeball_Linux.zip (30 MB)
Gnomeball_Mac.zip (33 MB)
Gnomeball_Win.zip (19 MB)

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